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About Us

sistemaFutura was founded by Ale and Steve, leaders from two of the top behavioral science organizations.

We’ve run hundreds of studies and projects, all around the world, and we’re looking to the future: The future of systems, and the future of our field. 

We’re excited about the ability of behavioral science to work with other disciplines and tackle the complexity of systemic problems. Hence,

Picture of sistemaFutura co-founder, Ale de Filippo

I'm Ale

Co-Founder & Head of Programs

an applied behavioral scientist, gender-based violence practitioner, and Latina. I’ve worked closely with governments, UN agencies, non profits, and innovation teams around the world. I’ve designed and overseen over 40 social impact interventions using behavioral science, human-centered design, and rigurous evaluations across more than 10 countries. 

My work focuses on challenging contexts and issues, primarily reducing violence against women and children and enhancing program delivery in humanitarian settings. My projects have ranged from designing small tweaks to existing programs — commonly aimed at increasing uptake, implementation fidelity, or cost effectiveness — to building new programs based on evidence and user testing, to overseeing large-scale behavioral strategies.

I’ve worked with amazing organizations: from supporting the onset of the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics to co-leading the International programs division at the Behavioural Insights Team. I co-facilitate a Community of Practice on Tech-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence, hosted by Sexual Violence Research Initiative. I hold a Master’s in Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

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I'm Steve

Co-Founder & Head of Methodology

an applied behavioral scientist, author, and Quaker. I'm a senior leader who has helped organizations effectively use behavioral science for good for over a decade. I’ve served as Vice President at the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, and founded the behavioral science teams at Morningstar and HelloWallet, developing and field-testing hundreds of interventions to improve financial behavior.


I’ve authored a range of publications, including three books on applied behavioral science, numerous articles on the behavioral challenges of saving and investing, and on the design and use of simulation models of human behavior.  Designing for Behavior Change, now in its second edition, gives step-by-step instructions on how to develop products that help users take action: from exercising to learning a new language. 


Outside of work, I started the global non-profit organization Bescy, which promotes applied behavioral research across three continents. My work has been featured in international media from the New York Times to BBC, and I've had the honor of speaking at venues from SXSW to TEDx. I studied the dynamics of behavior change in political activism for my PhD, at the University of Maryland.

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Picture of sistemaFutura co-founder, Steve Wendel


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We’re proud to work with:

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If you’d like to explore partnering with us on a project, drop us a line here.

If you’d like to join our affiliate network, let’s chat.  Whenever possible, we do projects with people we know and are already affiliates.

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